Employer of Record Services

Employer of Record Services

Auxadi offer cost effective Employer of Record (EOR) services (also referred to as Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) services) across 50 global jurisdictions.

Our EOR service helps you navigate international employment quickly and easily, ensuring compliance with local payroll and employment laws to ensure a seamless global expansion.

What’s an EOR?

Using an Employer of Record means that you can recruit and engage local talent without launching a local legal entity.

Every country has its own employment regulations and tax regimes, which can often be a stumbling block for international expansion. To recruit local workers without using an EOR, not only do you usually need a local legal entity, but your HR and finance teams need to understand all the local legislation and statutory contribution requirements of each country, and learning these can put major dents in your expansion timeframes.

Engaging an EOR provider speeds up operations, particularly in complex environments, as you don’t have to set up a local legal entity. Your EOR provider can act as the employer in those jurisdictions you don’t yet want to set up operations. Employees won’t need to sign two separate agreements and you won’t need to have every local worker operate through the EOR. This gives you much greater flexibility for managing secondments, visiting workers, and independent contractors. Yes, you’ll still need to enter into a services agreement, but this can be done by an international company.

Why use an EOR?

Increasing numbers of companies are utilising the services of an EOR to facilitate and speed their international expansion, letting them hire local staff quickly and with little risk.

  • Countries all have different launch times; setting up in a new location can take days, or months. An EOR can hire your workers and get your operations up and running while you’re waiting for government paperwork. Using an EOR can let you quickly ramp up your local operations.
  • EORs can help companies with talent search and retention by offering best practice advice, industry standard advice, and what benefits and perks will attract the best local talent.
  • While an EOR legally employs your workers, all day-to-day management of work is done by you. We’re there as a human resource office for your employees, and for you, ready to answer (and resolve) all payroll, employment legislation, and benefit queries.
  • For M&A, using an EOR guarantees no ‘orphan’ employees – the EOR can operate as a bridge or as an indefinite solution.
  • An EOR is a good temporary solution for you to be able to operate in a short space of time with people on the ground where you don’t yet have a presence – before you’re in a position to expand into that location.
  • Using an EOR lets you sound out and test new markets, and even lets you hire independent contractors and remote workers, while ensuring compliance with local labour laws.

What Auxadi’s EOR services include

Outsourcing your international HR requirements to an EOR means you have experts on hand to ensure compliance from the start – to ensure contracts are correct for the country, to ensure payroll and statutory contributions are accurate and to ensure you’re in compliance with all local labour and employment laws.

We act as your local HR office. We’ll oversee the day-to-day human resources and payroll requirements of your local workers, serving as your in-country legal entity to create employment contracts and administer local benefits to your workers.

We’ll take care of the details and let you and your team focus on business growth.

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