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Private equity and real estate funds looking to grow their portfolios beyond home country borders have a plethora of things to consider.

Regulatory considerations and tax frameworks can affect entity type and structure. Substance requirements can cause issues. Labour laws, property laws, and other legislative issues can affect whether the investment even goes ahead.

And all these considerations differ by country.

You need expert local advice to avoid tax or regulatory breaches, to make sure you’ve got the most suitable entity for your investment, to ensure you’re compliant and can operate effectively.

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We provide accounting administration for global corporations and investments with our unique MultiCountry IT platform.

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We can help sort your international taxes. Our expert tax teams know all the details and will ensure you remain tax compliant.

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Our international payroll services remove the complexity but keep the confidentiality, using our unique IT system.

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Cash management is essential for every business – but monitoring and managing your cash flows can be time-consuming. Auxadi can help.

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Auxadi’s unique MultiCountry IT platform gathers the data from all your international entities, making consolidation and reporting stress-free.

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Our unique MultiCountry IT platform gathers the data from all your international entities, making consolidation and reporting stress-free.

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We’re on hand to help with your transfer pricing – rely on our local knowledge and expertise.

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New locations require new entities, and we can help launch your international business in Europe, Latin America or the US.

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The demand for more knowledgeable and experienced local directors is on the rise. Auxadi can help.

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We can help you with your SPV administration, covering all alternative investment classes.

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Local experts to help manage your global fund investments

In our 22 offices across Europe, Latin America and the US, we have the best local experts, with experience across all key asset classes including private equity, real estate, debt and infrastructure funds.

We’ll coordinate with your lawyers, property managers, banks, appraisers, suppliers, and auditors, leaving you free to strategise and drive growth. We can also help open bank accounts, ensuring your entity is ready to operate when you are.

And, we can provide your new entity with experienced local directors, help with ongoing management, required accounting, local payroll, and ensure tax compliance.

Our mission is to make life easier for our clients. And, we’re trusted by the world’s largest fund managers.

To find out how we can help you administer and monitor your global fund investments, get in touch with our experts today.

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Rima Yousfan

Rima Yousfan
COO & Head of Funds

Adolfo Poveda
Real Estate Senior Manager

Monitor and manage your international subsidiaries with our MultiCountry online platform

Access our online platform that provides you with a global and harmonized view of the accounting of your international subsidiaries, with drill down functionality to check support documentation, such as: invoices, outstanding creditors, approve payment orders, manage the payroll processing cycle and so much more. Request a demo to see how our technology can help you. > Find out more.

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Some clients

Patrizia is a market leader in European Real Estate investment on behalf of institutional clients. Patrizia made its first investment in Spain in 1987, which was when we were first introduced to Auxadi.  Since then, we have trusted Auxadi with the provision of our Accounting, Tax and Administration services for each of our 20 subsequent Spanish real estate investments.

Ian Baker, Managing Director North-West Europe, Patrizia

4 years later we can say that our decision to hire Auxadi has been one of the best decisions taken, as the level of the services provided and the proactivity shown by them is quite high.

Eduardo Herranz, Head of Asset Operations, Axa Real Estate Ibérica

We have been working with Auxadi in Spain since 1998. Auxadi Madrid came well recommended and so we chose them as a global solution for Accounting, Group Reporting and Tax Compliance for all our Subsidiaries in the Spanish Market. When SLAC started to operate in Portugal, due to the excellent experience with the Madrid Office, we were pleased to extend our relationship with Auxadi by engaging Auxadi Lisbon to support our Portuguese Subsidiaries.

Patrick Shannon, European Property Finance Consultant, Standard Life Investments Limited

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