Corporations and businesses are always looking for new opportunities to grow. And, growth in your home country can be relatively easy. But success leads to its own issues, particularly when it’s time to start thinking about international expansion.

Businesses considering crossing international borders know that expanding into new markets brings risks and complexities not necessarily present in the home market. And, there are clear and definite risks.

Regulatory considerations labour laws, property laws, and tax frameworks can affect entity type, structure, and even your country of choice. On top of that, substance requirements within that country can also cause headaches.

Our mission is to make life easier for our clients. And, we’re trusted by the world’s biggest corporations.

To find out how we can help you expand your business internationally, get in touch with us today.

We provide accounting administration for global corporations and investments with our unique MultiCountry IT platform.

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We can help sort your international taxes. Our expert tax teams know all the details and will ensure you remain tax compliant.

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Our international payroll services remove the complexity but keep the confidentiality, using our unique IT system.

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Cash management is essential for every business – but monitoring and management your cash flows can be time-consuming. Auxadi can help.

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Our unique MultiCountry IT platform gathers the data from all your international entities, making consolidation and reporting stress-free.

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We’re on hand to help with your transfer pricing – rely on our local knowledge and expertise.

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New locations require new entities, and we can help launch your international business in Europe, Latin America or the US.

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The demand for more knowledgeable and experienced local directors is on the rise. Auxadi can help.

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But these risks and complexities should not deter you from expanding across borders. How do you find someone on the ground who can help?

You need expert local advice – to avoid tax or regulatory breaches, to make sure you’ve got the most suitable entity type and structure, to ensure you’re compliant with all tax and regulatory obligations, ensuring your company can operate without censure or restriction.

Auxadi can help

We have local experts based across our 22 offices in Europe, Latin America and the US, and our reach goes even further through our trusted affiliate network. We can help your business expand in over 50 countries.

We’ll coordinate with all your third parties including your lawyers, banks, appraisers, property managers, suppliers, and auditors, leaving you focus on what you do best – growing your core business. We can also do advance work, helping create the company, providing independent directors and opening bank accounts so that your business is ready to operate when you are.

Once operating, we’re on hand to assist with day-to-day management, accounting, payroll, and tax compliance requirements. All to help make your international business run smoothly.

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Monitor and manage your international subsidiaries with our MultiCountry online platform

Access our online platform that provides you with a global and harmonized view of the accounting of your international subsidiaries, with drill down functionality to check support documentation, such as: invoices, outstanding creditors, approve payment orders, manage the payroll processing cycle and so much more. Request a demo to see how our technology can help you. > Find out more.

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I could easily express how great, friendly, professional and efficient all the consultants within Auxadi’s team are, though I would probably be restating what all your clients are already aware of. A popular saying affirms that “when there is love, counting is useless.

Remi Vogel, Finance Director, Hays Spain & Portugal

Telefónica Learning Services is a small company with a very unique business. TLS must provide its customers with the personalized services they require and, at the same time, comply with the many regulations and procedures set by the Group. Auxadi understands this and continually strives to satisfy our needs. The personnel at Auxadi who manage our account played a key role in ensuring that all tasks related to our payroll administration were handled in a very professional manner, thereby contributing to the excellent results of each one of the projects as a whole.

Martha Handeyside, Human Resources Manager, Telefónica Learning Services

Auxadi has been a very profitable selection, absolutely taking care of our daily Administration and Accountancy issues with the highest professionalism, personal service and awareness. I am fully convinced Ansell has found a long-term partner in Administration Services.

Julio González, Director, Ansell Spain
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