International accounting, payroll and tax services through our unique cloud based platform

The need for more flexible, automated, and efficient technology continues to increase, and stakeholders want transparency. You need best-in-class technology that can help you streamline your global accounting, tax and payroll administration, while supplying you with the essential data you need to grow your business.

Data is key. You need timely, accurate, and useful data to create strategies for growth.


Having access to the accounting and financial information of all your international subsidiaries, wherever they are located, through a single portal can be a huge advantage – saving you the time and effort required to consolidate your data from multiple sources. of your business.

Our unique MultiCountry IT platform is a cloud-based solution that can be fully customized to help you manage and monitor your subsidiaries. With all your data easily accessible in one place, on one platform, consolidation and reporting on all your international assets couldn’t be easier. Our single portal lets you easily produce timely, accurate and useful consolidated data for your stakeholders.

In addition, for centralized multi-country oversight of all your international payroll management, you can benefit from our safe, secure and easily accessible Payroll Management platform.



Our intuitive and secure tool allows you to approve payments, check your accounting reports, review the support documentation of line entries (invoices, bank statements, etc.), raise invoices to your clients, review your tax returns and so much more – all through a single, easy-to-use platform. You also have the option to connect our platform to your existing systems, or tailor it to make your own secure portal environment.

Developed by Auxadi – in partnership with, and powered by, Microsoft – our platform is hosted in Azure (which is included with all Office 365 licenses).

We designed and built our MultiCountry platform based on more than 40 years in international business. We knew what was needed but we couldn’t find it anywhere – so we built our own. Which saves you from having to build your own.

It’s purpose-built, based on NAV, and has a complete set of additional functionalities and plug-ins which all act together to provide you with a robust platform to view and manage your international subsidiaries.

The accounting information from all your locations is available anytime, functional on desktop, tablet or mobile, and accessible with a single click. And, as we charge by user, you maintain full control of your approvals and access permissions.

Fully customisable

  • Because every company is unique, our platform can be customised to your specific needs.

  • A flexible solution, adapted to comply with the accounting and tax obligations in more than 50 countries.

  • Onboarding and implementation in just 10 days, ensuring minimal migration headaches.

  • By using our MultiCountry IT solution, you avoid large investments in servers or infrastructure.

Plataforma Tecnológica Auxadi
Gold Partner Microsoft

A single portal

All the applications and features required in your day-to-day schedule in a single platform, allowing you to integrate procedures, people and results.


We tailor to your requirements and the needs of your sector. Our flexible solution can be adapted to comply with your specific legislation, accounting, and tax obligations.


Accessible from desktop, tablet or mobile, access all your accounting information in the cloud with a single click: no waiting, no delays.

International Payroll Management platform

In addition to our Multicountry Platform, we’ve developed our Payroll Management platform to centralize the payroll process across multiple countries. This module has three main advantages:

Payroll processing

we consolidate the international payroll process of all jurisdictions. You can interact with our teams and monitor the status of the payroll process at every stage.

Safe and efficient

hosted in Azure, and fully GDPR compliant, this platform allows us to control the risk management of your global operations.

Easily accessible

the whole platform guarantees access and visibility to global data through an easy and intuitive real-time reporting interface.

Certifications and security

Microsoft holds the ISO 27001/27018 certifications or the Resolution TI / 32/2014 of the AEPD.

Office 365 and Azure incorporate security measures that offer customers a HIGH level of security in accordance with the GDPR Regulations.

Microsoft Office 365 and Azure presents the highest data security level, according to the National Security Scheme.

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