Panorama of Spanish Investment in LATAM 2024 developed by IE UNIVERSITY, IBERIA and AUXADI

Spanish Investment in LATAM 2024

On April 10th 2024, the report “Panorama of Spanish Investment in LATAM 2024” was presented in Casa de América (Madrid). An analysis of opportunities, challenges and trends that Spanish companies foresee in LATAM.

The report was prepared by Professor Juan Carlos Martínez Lázaro (IE University) in collaboration with Iberia and Auxadi.

In relation to countries with the best economic prospects for 2024, the surveyed companies mentioned the following: Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Dominican Republic.

Finally, with regards to the complexity of the tax frameworks in the region, countries with the most complexities are: Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia.

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Interesting findings for 2024 were (as per the perception of companies contributing to the report):

• The economic outlook for the region is better than last year: 76% of companies plan to increase their investments in LATAM in 2024.

• The relevance of the Latin-American space is increasing for Spanish companies: 58% of the large companies participating in the report believe that in the next 3 years the turnover in LATAM as a whole will exceed the revenues of the Spanish parent company.

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