Bruna Pereira, International Desk Manager of Brazil in Auxadi, represents us in the new Energy Committee of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Spain (CCBE). Through this initiative, we join the objective of managing value proposals and development initiatives in the Brazilian energy sector.

From Auxadi, we have the conviction to participate actively in the actions organized by the Committee throughout its calendar of activities, establishing quality relationships with other partner companies and positioning ourselves as experts in tax, accounting and financial services in various sectors. Bruna tells us that: “To provide value in our work, it is important to know the dynamics of the client’s business. Participating in the committee we have the opportunity to learn first hand the main concerns and developments in the sector as well as the impacts depending on the Brazilian political scenario”.

The Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Spain (CCBE) has six Sectoral Committees, through which it encourages bilateral business actions between Brazil and Spain, generating networking spaces that deal with specific issues of interest to its members.

The first session of the Energy Committee was held on Thursday, November 6, and took place at Casa Do Brasil, in Madrid.

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