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In compliance with the provisions of article 5 of Fundamental Law 15/1999, from December 13, Personal Data Protection (hence forth, “LOPD”), the company AUXADI Contables & Consultores S.A. (hence forth “the Company”) reports the web user that personal data presently provided, provided in the past, or to be provided in the future through the contact form herein, shall be included in the file called USUARIOS WEB, which responsible party shall be the Company, in which legal domicile, Calle Nanclares de Oca, 1B, 28022 Madrid, it shall exercise its right to access, rectify, cancel, and oppose the treatment of personal data, under the terms and conditions described on the LOPD, and in its development Norms.

Web users commit and force themselves to immediately report to the Company any modification made to their personal data, so that the information contained in the files is always updated and free of errors.

The goal of the personal data gathering is to help the Company identifying traffic behaviors and to determine localization and language used as well as the collection of information requests related to the services offered by the Company.

To the effects of the provisions of articles 11 and 34.e) LOPD, users expressly permit that their data is communicated by the Company to AUXADI Group companies, and to those belonging to any public or private body of which the Company is a member.

Likewise, web users authorize their data to be ceded to third parties, with the sole objective of business training, such as marketing activities of the Company, and publishing of articles in different mass media.

By accepting the provisions of the document herein, web users consider themselves informed of the contents of article 27 LOPD, concerning the communication of the first data transfer. Consent for the communication of personal data is revocable at any time, although it shall not have any retroactive effects.