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1. Information of the society
Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A is a society with domicile in calle Nanclares de Oca, 1B Madrid 28022. With the number NIF A-28577062, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid on volume 3154, page 80, section 8, sheet number M-53865. Tel: + 34 91 562 51 52 Fax: + 34 91 562 78 73 email:

2. Access and acceptance of general conditions of use
The general conditions herein regulate the use of the web page (the “Page”), as well as the contents presented in it. By accessing the Page, the user accepts these general conditions to regulate its use. In this sense, Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A. recommends the user of the Page to carefully read these general conditions of use.

3. Modifications to the contents of the web page
Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A. reserves the right to make modifications, change the configuration, design, content, and services in the Page at any time, without previous notice.

Likewise, Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A. reserves the right to modify the general conditions of use herein, and the Privacy Policy, and thus recommends the users to review them before using the Page.

4. Purpose of the web page
The web page has the purpose of spreading and promoting the professional activity of Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A.

5. Access and use of the web page
The user of the web page uses it under their exclusive responsibility, and thus Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A shall not be responsible for the damages (to software of hardware) the Page user should suffer while using it, whether it is by the simple navigation of its contents, or by downloading files shown in it.

Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A is not responsible for navigation flaws on the Page, or for the interruption in its operation, whether it is due to technical reasons, software failure, servers, etc.

6. Intellectual property and industrial property
All contents presented on the Page, as well as the elements comprising their presentation, such as: layout, typography, design, disposition of colors, final art, presentation, external appearance, written files, in whatever format they are presented, audio or video files, multimedia contents, are the property of Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A or, in any other case, their use has been duly authorized by the corresponding holder of the intellectual property rights and/or industrial rights of such contents.

The brands, identification signs or emblems of Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A are the property of Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A and are duly registered.

7. Links
References, detours, references to other pages, blogs, social networks or www spaces that aim at redirecting through links on their spaces to some content of the Page, shall be previously authorized in writing by Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A. and, in any case, the reference shall be made to the main web page or “home” Auxadi Contables & Consultores, S.A.

8. Cookies policy
Access to this Web Site may imply the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information that are stored in the navigator used by each user, so that the server remembers certain information that is to be read later only by the server that implemented them. Generally, the cookies have a limited duration in time. Users that do not want to receive Cookies, or that want to be informed of their storing, may configure their navigator to that effect.

9. Jurisdiction and applicable legislation
The regulations of the general conditions herein are governed by the Spanish Law. Any difference that may arise in terms of its interpretation, compliance and/or execution of these regulations, shall be expressly subjected to the jurisdiction of the corresponding Judges and Courts of Madrid Capital, with express renunciation to any other regional laws.