Some projects require full time specialized, dedicated personnel. We can arrange selection & staffing processes for operative functions, tax advisors, and senior or director management positions, with absolute confidentiality and transparency, while paying special attention to personal and professional client interests.

Through our staffing services, Auxadi becomes your trusted partner to set up and/or complement your financial department, working with our deep financial sector knowledge and wide contact network, to fill either temporary or full time roles.

Our staffing services

Our staffing solutions:

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Short- and long-term staffing

Our professionals have excellent backgrounds in finance, accounting, statutory & tax compliance, and legal knowledge, with the necessary skills and capabilities to address your specific staffing requirements:

  • Confidential direct hire recruitment

  • Peak period & seasonal recruitment projects

We provide the services of an accountant and/or tax specialist to allow you to focus on your core business:

  • Operative functions

  • Mid Management roles

  • Senior Management roles

Monitor and manage your international subsidiaries with our MultiCountry online platform

With Auxadi you have access to an online platform that will provide a global and harmonized view of the accounting of your international subsidiaries, with drill down functionality to check support documentation, such as: invoices, outstanding creditors, approve payment orders, manage the payroll processing cycle, etc. Ask for a demo and see how our technology can help you.

Auxadi Platform

More services

At Auxadi, we adapt our methodology, tools and organization to our client’s needs. We provide a global solution, operating as if our consultants were part of your Administrative & Financial Departments.

Accounting and Administration

Accurate accounting information is essential to the management of your business. Auxadi has more than 40 years’ experience in the Outsourcing sector.


The administrative management of payroll and HR is one of the most delicate areas of every company. At Auxadi we manage around 30,000 payrolls a year, under absolute confidentiality.


Investing in good advisors to fulfil tax obligations provides great security for your business. We are experts in accounting and tax, as well as providing insightful advice on day-to-day queries.

How can we help you?

We have helped more than 1,200 companies through their startup and establishment. If you want to know more on how we can help you, please get in touch.