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Because we believe in the importance of the comprehensive management of your company, Auxadi becomes a partner of  NEXT

unique multicountry solution to take control of all your subsidiaries, integrating your financial information, tax obligations and all services provided for you by AUXADI. We have partnered with Microsoft to provide you with a personalized, simple and secure outsourcing service. We are the first BPO firm with a partnership agreement with Microsoft and Silver competence in Dynamics NAV.

Accounting, Payroll and Tax compliance through a single portal

Accounting, Payroll and Tax compliance through a single portal:

Imagine having all the applications you manage in your day to day on a single platform that allows you to standardize processes and consolidate all handled data integrating processes, people and results.

Next is a solution for your business connecting the accounting from your subsidiaries around the world, your productivity tools (Office 365) and your Auxadi services. With Next you will have all the information organized, structured and always available.

Fully Customizable

Because every company is unique, NEXT allows you to customize the platform according to the requirements of your sector, offering Multicountry solutions wherever your business is located.

A unique, flexible solution, adapted to comply with the legislation, accounting and tax obligations in each of the countries where it operates.

No waiting times

You can access from any device either PC, tablet or mobile. All information through one click without waiting times or time zone differences. Direct communication by Skype for Business. The best way for you to have your information digitized in a secure and reliable environment.

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