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Accounting, Payroll and Tax compliance internationally through a cloud based platform

Imagine having access to the accounting information of all your international subsidiaries through a single portal customized to your needs.

With our solution you will be able to approve payments, check your accounting reports, review the support documentation of all entries (invoices, bank statements, etc.), raise invoices to your clients, receive your tax returns, etc. and connect our platform with your existing ERP, or even make it your own.

Developed by Auxadi and powered by Microsoft our platform is hosted in Azure, counts with Office 365 licenses and is based on NAV and a complete set of additional funcionalities and plugins that provide our clients with a unique technology to manage their international subsidiaries.

Fully Customizable

Because every company is unique, our platform can be customized to your needs.

A unique and flexible solution, adapted to comply with the accounting and tax obligations in 50 countries.

Without implementation process or waiting time

Hosted on the Microsoft Cloud platform (Azure) avoiding large investments in servers or infrastructure. With minor migration processes.

Accessible from any device, whether PC, tablet or mobile. All the accounting information under a single click in the cloud. The easy way to monitor your international subsidiaries in a safe and reliable environment.


Digital transformation for your business

Because we believe in the importance of the comprehensive management of your company, AUXADI became partners of next.

Do you want to manage your accounting online? AUXADI offers you all your financial information, your tax obligations, and all our services through next. The result is a customized, simple and a reliable outsourcing service, all that in real time, from any place and with any device

next-bs Technical Guide

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