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Some projects require specialized personnel with full time dedication. Regardless the profile required: operative functions, tax advisor, senior or director management roles, we arrange selection & staffing processes with absolute confidentiality and transparency, with special attention to personal and professional client interests.

Through our staffing services, Auxadi becomes your trust partner to set up and/or complement your financial department, either for temporary or fixed jobs, working with deep financial sector knowledge and a wide contact network.

Our staffing services

Our staffing solutions:

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Short and long term staffing

Our professionals are excellently backgrounded on finance, accounting, statutory & tax compliance and legal knowledge, with the necessary skills and capabilities to address specific staffing requirements:

  • Short and long term staffing

  • Confidential direct hire recruitment

  • Peak period & seasonal recruitment projects

We provide the services of an accountant and tax specialist which allows the customer to focus on his core business:

  • Operative functions

  • Mid Management Roles

  • Senior Management Role

More services

In Auxadi, we adapt our methodology, tools and organization to our client’s needs. We provide a global solution as if our consultants were part of your Administrative & Financial Department.

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