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International Payroll Management in Latin America 2021

As we saw in our special report “Recovery to Rediscovery: Capitalising on a Changed Private Equity Landscape“, LATAM is one of the preferred destinations for investment from the United States (91% of North America-based fund managers surveyed said they intended to invest in the region before 2026). And it’s easy to see why.

Latin America is a region full of opportunities for companies looking to begin the process of international expansion (according to ECLAC data, expected regional growth in 2021 = 5.2%), but the South American continent also holds many complexities and challenges.

Of all the administrative, bureaucratic, and corporate processes involved in internationalisation, setting up payroll management in a new country is possibly one of the most intricate and demanding. And it is, without a doubt, one of the processes that can have the most impact on the organisation.

Prior knowledge of the cultural and legislative specificities of processes like registration, termination, or the types of existing contract, can be a distinct advantage.

Our guide for international payroll management in Latin America seeks to shed light on some of the issues that present headaches for companies undergoing internationalisation.

What’s in our guide?

  • How to start preparing your LATAM payroll process.
  • Relevant information on the main markets in Latin America, including:
    • Regulatory enforcement.
    • Registration and termination processes.
    • Types of contract available.
    • Holidays, leave, permits and benefits.

Who is the guide for?

  • Human Resources Directors,
  • CFOs,
  • CEOs of expanding companies,
  • Payroll managers,
  • Responsible for expansion,
  • M&A Directors,
  • CTOs.

Five keys to start managing your payroll in Latin America

Cultural component

From leading delocalised teams to coordinating multiple interlocutors, controlling the cultural component of each country in which it will operate is essential.


Solutions adapted to the real needs of those who manage payroll, solving the main pain points of these processes.

Information control

Even before starting the internationalization process – defining the management model and having the tools that allow full visibility and control.

Complexity of the process itself

The choice of model, communication channels, choice of reporting format, approvals… Everything impacting the payroll process must have the goals of facilitation and efficiency.


It is crucial to make this first phase a fluid experience, flexible and personalised yet able to be easily adopted into the processes of the company and, at the same time, add value.

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Claudia Nunes
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