Recovery to Rediscovery: Capitalising on a Changed Private Equity Landscape

With investors keen to make up for lost time following the global pandemic, an increased interest in cross-border deal flow for private equity investment is expected in the coming 12-24months. In our latest report, we explore how private equity fund managers are preparing for the rise in new investment opportunities and what the most attractive sectors and markets for private equity allocations will be.



of respondents anticipate the volume of cross-border private equity deal flow will normalise in 2022


of private equity firms believe that differing compliance regimes is a key challenge


of US respondents said they’re most open to investing in LATAM, with 75% saying the UK


These will be energy (93%), IT (92%), industrials (92%), materials (91%) and telecommunications (90%)


Pandemic-driven government commitments to green infrastructure investment most likely to influence private equity allocations


The most outsourced areas are company secretarial support, cash monitoring and reconciliations and accounting

Global Private Equity: Capitalising on a Changed Landscape

We surveyed 100 private equity fund managers across the globe to find out how they’re planning for the future of private equity as the world is starting to reboot. The results were compelling – showing a renewed interest in cross-border transactions into countries where there are riskier but potentially higher returns to be seized.

With cross-border deal flow activity ramping up, private equity firms have already taken steps to outsource the running of some elements of their fund to third parties to maximise their chances for securing new acquisitions in a post-Covid environment.

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Recovery to Rediscovery: North American Private Equity Investment

We surveyed senior-level private equity fund managers in the USA to discover how they’re planning to maximise potential growth opportunities through cross-border transactions. The results were insightful – showing a particular interest for US investors to consider investing more into Latin America as well as having a positive outlook for the renewables sector.

US investors are optimistic that the private equity landscape will improve, and are expecting an increase in upgrading digitisation, valuations and fundraising in the short to medium term. With businesses potentially having to re-evaluate their operating models and reduce their costs, the demand for greater efficiency through outsourcing is on the rise.

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