Auxadi has obtained the trademark license Essential Costa Rica. This title is an endorsement for the firm’s work in Costa Rica, helping international companies to start or continue their operations in Central America.

Essential Costa Rica distinguishes all those individuals or legal entities that carry out economic activities related to the attraction of foreign investment, tourism, exports or SMEs with a strong potential for export or other types of activities related to the country’s core values.

To reach this exciting milestone, Auxadi has undergone an evaluation to ensure we align with Essential Costa Rica’s brand values: sustainability, excellence, Costa Rican origin, social progress and innovation.

“Costa Rica is one of our most important international subsidiaries, given the potential of the region especially as an international HUB connecting North America with the rest of Latin America and Europe, and vice versa. We are very proud to have obtained the Essential Costa Rica seal because it demonstrates the country’s potential and our ability to make life easier for all those multinationals operating there.” 

Victor Salamanca, CEO of Auxadi

“Achieving the Essential Costa Rica license is a double reason for happiness: because it shows all that Costa Rica can offer international investors and, especially, all that Auxadi can bring to these companies: the support of a global firm and a team with local knowledge and experience” 

Manrique Blen, Director of Auxadi Costa Rica

This recognition highlights the success of Auxadi’s commitment to Central America, especially following the acquisition of Resolve BPO last March.

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