In the business world there is a continuous need to be ever more effective and productive. Although the pursuit of efficiency is not new (as evidenced by trends in management, quality or process improvement such as Kaizen or Six Sigma), a differentiating factor between past and present trends is the extensive use of technology. As tech has evolved, has been integrated into the “to do list” of organizations seeking automation of business processes.

In his book “Peak”, Chip Conley talks about how empowering employees and making their work transcend makes them feel motivated and happy, which is reflected in happy customers and satisfied shareholders with profitable and successful companies.

In today’s fast-paced environment, Robotic & Cognitive Automation technology (R&CA) is one of the exponential factors that have the greatest impact on the digital transformation of organizations. R&CA is a mainstay of digital transformation, because it represents the future of work—automating processes and greatly improving efficiency. And an excellent benefit of implementing R&CA is to empower employees as agents of change within their company, acquiring new professional skills, efficiency innovation, service excellence and productivity.

The automation of cognitive processes consists of bringing tomorrow forward to today, by applying artificial intelligence processes in the development of concrete and cognitive tasks. It represents the new collaborative paradigm, in which the application of technology in everyday life opens up new possibilities for the development of professionals.

Benefits of implementing R&CA projects include:

Quality and efficiency
  • Precise 24×7 execution of tasks and an exponential increase in processing capacity.
  • Standardizes and optimizes processes and resources, improves quality and reduces costs.
  • Improved Customer Experience KPI’s (both internal and external).
  • Perfectly structured to meet peaks of transaction activity.
  • Frees up talent time to develop new competencies and increase business eminence (transformation agents).
  • Implementation is fast and non-invasive to the technological environment of the organization.
  • Encourages the use of your specific business processes, giving greater control over the service delivery model.
Corporate Governance
  • R&CA projects are built in secure environments and guarantee information security and auditability.
  • Improve data quality, consolidation, and consistency, thus benefiting decision making.
Competitive Advantages
  • High ROI, driving strategic initiatives.
  • Transforms and consolidates complex or unavailable data into insights for the enterprise.
Cost savings
  • Outsourcing your automation means you don’t have to invest in your own servers or hardware.
  • You also don’t have to spend big with experienced staff to build or maintain your system.

But above all, the implementation of R&CA implies a transformational change in the company and, therefore, many benefits for its people:

  • Process engineering is improved, turning professionals into transformational leaders.
  • R&CA promotes analytical skills, adding skills value and promoting new competencies.
  • Intergenerational diversity is leveraged to foster learning.
  • Create fast-growing experiences or career paths.
  • Use technology to transform jobs (complex judgments, analytical skills).
  • Transforms the vertical hierarchy system to a system of self-managing, interlinked teams.

C-Suite leaders and senior management should consider automation projects as strategic—to position their companies as major players in the adoption of exponential technologies. The greatest benefits will be to those organizations ahead of the curve in implementing digital work models.

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