The first International Digital Managers’ Congress brought together more than 5,000 managers from all over the world where they covered the paradigm with the greatest impact on today’s business: purpose. The meeting was held in a format of talks, presentations and virtual round tables.

AUXADI has joined the meeting through one of its virtual room where the main topic was the responsibility in sustainability issues as part of the ESG policies.

An hour full of internationalization and finance where AUXADI had several guest speakers such as Mario Llopis, CFO of Maxi Mobility Group, Cabify, Easy, Movo; Solange Cummins, Communications Manager and Sustainability Ambassador at Microsoft Ibérica; Miguel Ángel Navarro Barquín, CEO and Vice President of Catenon Global; Rafael Campos Pérez, CFO of Ecoalf; Rima Yousfan Moreno, Director of Real Estate and International Corporate BPO at Auxadi, Alberto Cerdán, General Director of Institutional Cooperation and Coordination at ICEX and Alfonso Benavides, Member of the Advisory Council of AUXADIas moderator of the meeting.

During the day it was possible to learn about the importance of integrating ESGs into the company’s strategy. Mario Llopis assures that this type of action has allowed them to get achievements that they had never before imagined, such as Cabify being the first 100% carbon-neutral app.

Microsoft, in turn, helps all companies whose aim is to improve the environment through its many programmes such as “AI for Earth“, a programme that aims to provide artificial intelligence technologies to people and companies around the world working to protect the planet. “With this type of action we see how our sustainability objectives are gradually becoming a reality” says Solange Cummins, Sustainability Ambassador at Microsoft.

But not only companies are changing, but also the people who are part of them. Miguel Ángel Navarro, CEO and vice-president of the expert company in attracting talent Catenon Global quoted: “Personal values carry more weight than experience itself, the pandemic has encouraged this. The environment and working on projects that help others, and values are now essential”

Rima Yousfan Moreno spoke of the issue from the point of view of the Real State, “The Real Estate has increased its value due to a growing demand. There is a demand for more green spaces, more welcoming environments to work in, with the objective of not only attracting better talent but also maintaining it” assured the AUXADI´s director.

Rafael Campos gave an example of how ECOALF understands the ESGs as boosters of companies with clearer values and objectives, created not only to solve needs, but also to improve the impact we have already created on the Planet. This is how Ecoalf (and its foundation) achieves this with each garment it manufactures from recycled materials, synonymous with innovation.

In addition to this idea, Alberto Cerdán assured us that innovation as understood by Ecoalf is key to prospering in the internationalisation process, a process that many companies want today, said the General Director of Institutional Cooperation and Coordination of ICEX Spain.

Without a doubt the day was full of ideas and projects of geographical expansion with a clear purpose, to generate a positive impact in the countries where we operate and with it a better planet.