Auxadi has held its Quarterly Summit at its headquarters in Madrid. Through this initiative, the firm gathers its international teams with the objective of reviewing goals, strengthening the strategic guidelines and defining the action plan for the following months.

More than fifty professionals from the firm’s management team, including managers, directors and country managers, gathered during five days with one goal in mind: to exceed the growth forecasts set for 2020 and to continue the internationalization process of the firm, which already has 16 subsidiaries and provides accounting, tax compliance and payroll services in more than 50 jurisdictions.

To this purpose, the agenda of this Quarterly Summit began with the status of the different strategic plans set in motion for this fiscal year. From that moment on, the week was completed with a day focused on improvements in different processes such as automation, for which a day of workshops was held; work in the business developlment area with training in proposal development, IT services or sales cycle, as well as one-to-one meetings, among other activities.

As explained by Victor Salamanca Cuevas, Auxadi’s CEO, during the closing session of this Quarterly Summit “we have the mission and vision, the values, the strategy and the professionals. Let’s continue to do what we do best, which is to accompany our clients and help them by making their life easier”.

These Quarterly Summits reflect the firm’s client orientation and are part of the ‘Auxadi Way’.