The article 771-5 paragraph 1 of the Tax Statute states: “Tax payments such as costs, deductions, liabilities or taxes that can be deducted, cash payments made by taxpayers or responsible persons, regardless of the number of payments made during the year, may be tax recognized. thus: 1. In the year 2018, the lowest value between: a. Eighty-five percent (85%) of what is paid, which in any case may not exceed one hundred thousand (100,000) UVT, and b. Fifty percent (50%) of the costs and total deductions. ”

With this we can clearly understand that only 85% of cash payments will be deductible when they do not exceed 100,000 UVT (2018 $ 3,185,000,000), therefore, costs, deductions, related deductible taxes, paid in cash when they exceed this legal limit will not be accepted fiscally.