New tax ceilings

On January 7th, 2016 the Superintendent of Pensions issued Resolutions No. 25 and 26, which fixes the new tax ceilings established by the Article 16 DL 1980 3500, in force for 2016, considered for the purposes of making mandatory contributions that Article 18 of the same Act refers; and the new tax ceiling laid down in Article 6 of Law No. 19,728, for the purposes of contributions to the unemployment insurance referred to in Article 5 of the aforementioned law.

In conclusion, in order to calculate the mandatory contributions described in Article 18 of DL 3500/80 the máximum taxable limit corresponds to 74.3 UF. Regarding mandatory contributions associated with the pension unemployment insurance, the tax ceiling amount rises to 111.4 UF.

Minimum wage

From January 1st, 2016, the minimum wage will reach $250,000 monthly. This amount is applicable to workers over 18 years.

This translates into an increase of $ 9,000 over the mínimum wage in effect at December 31st, 2015.

Approval of the independent quotes delay

The hall of the Senate unanimously approved a bill extending until 2018 the entry into force of compulsory pension contribution of independent workers. Therefore, the mandatory discount will be required in the income tax declaration of the tax year 2019, based on this effect for the 2018 taxable income.