Last August 11th, 2015, it was published in the Official Gazette the Resolution of July 29th, 2015 of the Ministry of Employment. This resolution reflects the agreement reached by the Council of Ministers at its meeting on July, by which the Annual Plan for Employment Policy 2015 was approved, with a budget of 4,788,145.03 Euros.

According to the Plan, all those services and programs developed by the Public Employment Services should be aimed to fulfill the following five strategic objectives:

►► Improve the employability of young people and develop the Plan of Implementation of the Youth Guarantee in Spain.
►► Promote the employability of groups hard affected by unemployment, particularly for those over 45 who are long-term unemployed, and the collective beneficiary from the PREPARA Plan.
►► Improve the quality of training for employment, to achieve a greater impact in terms of integration and improved performance at the workplace.
►► Reinforce the link between the active and passive employment policies, as a way to offer the best protection and return paths to employment for unemployed people.
►► Promote entrepreneurship as an inseparable part of the activation and employment recovery.

The Ministry of Employment and Social Security has sent to the social partners the project of The Royal Decree that will update and order the General Law on Social Security (SSL), for them to make their contributions and to evaluate the new legal text that will collect all the news approved in recent years.

The future Royal Decree will integrate into a single standard, structured and systematic law, any further legal developments. This legislation also seeks to update the outdated references in the General Act, passed in 1994. The new text will regularize and harmonize the legal regulations, becoming the standard legal reference in this area.

In the provisions related to self-employed workers, the law regulating the Sustainability Factor or related to the suitable Security system are some of the most important regulations that were not covered so far.

The project received by the social partners is part of the recommendations contained in the report of the Commission for Public Administration Reform (CORA).

CORA requested to different Ministries a list of laws in each area in order to boost the development of consolidated texts on the aforementioned subjects reformed in the field of General Administration. The goal: to avoid unnecessary duplication and legal uncertainty.