Victor Salamanca Cuevas, CEO in Auxadi, has been interviewed this week by the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, an initiative of the leading Spanish companies, about business strategy, the importance of Auxadi’s brand and the firm’s international project, among various topics.

Salamanca highlighted the firm’s vision “we want to be leaders in accounting, reporting, tax compliance and payroll added value services internationally, offering homogeneous and quality service wherever our clients have operations”.

The Forum has the objective of enhancing the image of Spanish business within the country and overseas, raising awareness on the importance of internationalization and brands as competitive key facts. Since some months ago, Auxadi belongs to MAPI Club of Brands with High International Potential, program calling into one place international companies with similar profiles in order to create synergies and collaborative relations among them.

The complete interview is available here and will be published in the printed edition of “Brands” magazine in July.