Webinar Recording: Global Expansion & Investment

Renewable energy opportunities in LATAM & Europe

The renewable energy industry has come into its own. Europe has the target of 55% of overall energy consumption to be renewable by 2030, as part of its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. But it’s not just Europe; ten LATAM and Caribbean countries have pledged to achieve 70% renewable energy use by 2030.

We were joined by Inigo Viani, Mauricio Salavar, Margarita Oliva & Raimundo Diaz to discuss opportunities for renewable energy organizations to expand into LATAM and Europe. Playback the recording to learn more about the complexities faced and tips to help build a roadmap for multinational success.

Meet the speakers

Inigo Viani
General Manager

Margarita Oliva
Regional Head of Banking and Finance – Latin America
DLA Piper

Mauricio Salazar
Sales Engineer

Raimundo Díaz
Senior VP – Global Head of International Corporations