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Proximity Matters: Nearshoring in Central America

Operational proximity has been a concern over the last few years. Political concerns, global trade issues and the pandemic have all impacted on where businesses choose to set up operations. Where offshoring to continents like Asia was once the norm, the risks now often outweigh the benefits and often leave businesses wanting to be closer to home.

Our webinar, hosted together with BLP, will took a closer look at the trend for nearshoring in Central America – discussing the reasons why nearshoring is now a major consideration, the legal benefits, the various incentives on offer, and answering your questions. We’ve put together a panel of experts from BLP Costa Rica, CINDE, and Auxadi’s own ‘internationalization guru’, Manrique Blen Font. The discussion was led by Auxadi’s Head of International Corporations, Raimundo Diaz.

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Meet the speakers

Ana María Romero
Corporate Services Lead

Adelina Villalobos

Manrique Blen Font
Director International Corporations