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We are committed to diversity

We offer our services to clients in different sectors: Financial, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Technology and Communications, Industry, Consumption, Professional Services … with a great focus in Real Estate.

Real Estate

In Auxadi we count with a dedicated team of experienced professionals in the Real Estate industry, who takes care of all the corporate services of the investment vehicles of our clients, since incorporation, providing off the shelf structures, through the whole life of the investment.


Financial industry includes all companies and entities that, for their specific financial activities, are supervised by the Bank of Spain, CNMV Statutory Commision or the General Directorate for Insurance and Pension Funds, being obliged to be registered in their corresponding records. Our Financial team is highly prepared to advise and provide a customized service to the financial entities in tax compliance and human resources matters.


Companies from Energy industry are capital-intensive, highly related to cutting-edge technology and advances in environmental sustainability. It is a sector in which major companies are expanding their business into new markets which sometimes means facing new jurisdictions with specific tax and accounting requirements with potential differences between cultures. Therefore, Auxadi works with companies in this process by providing local expertise to streamline the process and reduce the uncertainty generated by the establishment into a new country.


In the pharmaceutical industry investment in technology, research and innovation are critical success factors for companies. Pharmaceutical developments have allowed the emergence of biotechnology drugs enabling an improvement in the quality of the treatments applied and influencing significantly on people health. Regulations and legislations are another challenge for industry organizations. In Auxadi we help companies meeting their financial duties, providing local and international experienced professionals to make life easier for our clients.

Tecnology & Telecomunications

The Technology & Telecommunication industry is versatile, influential and is constantly changing. Companies must be agile and innovative to gain an operational excellence model that meet customers expectations. The pursuit of an operational excellence model, drives companies to free themselves from certain administrative tasks that can slow these process. Major companies rely on Auxadi their Accounting, Tax compliance and Payroll matters to ensure excellence in the execution.


We cover sector as divers as automotive, trasportation, construction, hotels & leisure or diversified industrial productos distribution. We have a large number of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience of the different sectors of the industry market.

Professional services

Professional firms are involved in a changing process where the main challenge is not only to keep up the competitive environment but to be at a higher level through innovation and leadership that arise from knowledge. Auxadi has a solid, trustful and lasting relationship with these professional firms. As a result, these companies are our best service´s prescriptor, actually some of those firms are our customers. By sharing business and values Auxadi is in the best position to understand the needs of such firms and to undertake the necessary step to carry out the day to day actions.

Retail & Wholesale

The growing demand of more competitive and complex products is now a reality. More demanding consumers with greater access to technology have specific needs that force consumer products companies to check their business model to generate value, obtain short-term results and long-term sustainability. In Auxadi our team of professionals is responsible for compliance, tax and human resources obligations, allowing companies to focus on key aspects of their organization.

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