The future of Spanish real estate

After a turbulent decade that began with crisis and ended in one of its best years, the Real Estate sector in Spain faced one of its greatest challenges with the arrival of COVID-19.

Now the sector as a whole begins to look to the future, and we at Auxadi have set out to unravel the main trends that will take place in the Real Estate industry.

We interviewed the main senior managers of Spanish Real Estate investment funds, looking for their thoughts on the future of the sector.

This paper is the result – in which we identify the trends, expectations, response of the industry, and determine what are the main challenges facing the market as a whole in this post-COVID landscape.

Some key points:

Optimism for the future: 8 out of 10 managers believe that the recovery of the European Real Estate market will take place in the next two years

A new paradigm: 84% believe that a re-evaluation of operating models and a reduction in costs is very likely or likely to occur in the next two years

Sectors with the greatest potential: logistics and industrial (74%), retail (72%), hotels and tourism (70%), residential (68%) and shopping centres (62%)

The power of technology: Nearly 7 in 10 respondents believe technology will have a transformative effect on return on investments

Internationalisation: Spanish fund managers say they will invest in Europe (82%), Asia Pacific (66%) and Latin America (60%)

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