Taking the bull by the horns: International Expansion trends 2022

In November 2021, we asked 100 senior decisionmakers for their thoughts on international expansion. The results were compelling…

Despite a challenging two years battling the coronavirus pandemic and with no clear view or understanding of recovery yet possible, businesses are still optimistic when it comes to their international expansion plans. International operations strategies, M&A activity and cross-border expansion considerations are still very much front of mind for many organisations.

And businesses are looking more and more to third-parties with a local presence so they can achieve their pre-pandemic growth targets and successfully enter new markets.

Our report shares insights on:

  • Appetite for international expansion
  • How soon companies are looking to expand
  • Key drivers that will impact decision-making
  • Potential barriers for expansion planning
  • Compliance and service requirements causing concern

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Rima Yousfan
Senior VP, Head of International Corporations

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