Payroll is one of the most important areas in any organisation. When dealing with payroll management at an international level, the function carries a much greater level of complexity.

Outsourcing to an international payroll specialist can take away the burden of navigating local tax codes, understanding differing labour laws and complying with strict rules and regulations. An experienced payroll team can make sure your payroll operations are managed seamlessly.

The perils of international payroll

Taking your business international means that your team will have to learn, absorb and correctly apply the legislative and tax complexities of multiple countries. Developing such diverse expertise takes time – time that could delay your expansion plans or, should things go wrong, even cause legal difficulties with your new operation.

You must adhere to each location’s tax codes, regulations, variations on employment law, benefits and bonuses, social security, registrations and a plethora of other considerations – all of which can affect the payroll function in each location.

And the complexities grow exponentially with your successful business. Operations in multiple countries mean even more challenges.

How do you avoid overburdening your team? Well, you could hire local experienced staff. This instantly gives your business the expertise it needs. You’ll have to do that in every location as you grow, which may have an effect on operating costs. And you’ll end up with a single department scattered around the globe – not great for team unity or business cohesion – and those who lead and manage the global payroll function will be strained.

The other, much easier solution? Find an international payroll specialist.

How an international payroll specialist can help

An international payroll specialist is a trusted outsourced business partner who has the intricate knowledge, training, and expertise you need to ensure your international staff are happy and your overseas business is running smoothly.

Not only will your specialist business partner hold the functional keys to your international payroll, they’ll provide even more value-added services – like advising on best practice, on the consequences of legislative and tax regime changes, and even offer advice on effective perks to attract the very best staff.

Using an outsourced international payroll specialist will take the pressure off your staff, giving them the time and energy to focus on their core tasks.

The benefits of outsourcing your international payroll function

The right outsourcing partner will be able to provide services in multiple countries, supporting your future growth. They’ll have the geographic coverage with local experts on the ground to help navigate any complexities you may face.

They’ll have the technology you need to manage your international payroll effectively and efficiently – a system that ensures local compliance and provides data security; key for such sensitive data and essential to adhere to privacy laws. Using your outsourced provider’s technology also removes the need to (and time for, and expense of) researching, purchasing, installing, training on, and onboarding data to an in-house system.

Such a multinational trusted business partner should also be able to effectively homogenise local terms and provide consolidated reporting, essential for strategic planning and people analytics.

Outsourcing your international payroll to a trusted business partner can provide exactly what you need with no massive cost outlay and no downtime for staff training. The right outsourced team is where you need them to be, now and in the future, and has the technology and local expertise you need to ensure your global expansion runs smoothly, while giving you full real-time control and visibility of your data.

Auxadi are experts in international payroll

Auxadi is your perfect international payroll partner. We provide end-to-end payroll services including support with any payroll changes (e.g. benefits, commission, bonus, accrual calculations etc.), customised and tailored payroll reports and management of new hires and terminations.

Our technology is purpose-built, in partnership with Microsoft and based on our 40 years’ experience providing international payroll services to some of the world’s most respected brands.

Our bespoke and intuitive global payroll management software gives you a single point of access, approval permissions, data management, and reporting functions across multiple locations in real time. Reviews, sign-offs, and approvals are automated and quick, with consistent data that’s easily available in unified and coherent reports. Best of all, the system is secure in the cloud and accessible anywhere.

We provide services in over 50 countries across Europe, the U.S., Latin America, and through our single-point-of-contact delivery model, we know how best to fulfil your international payroll needs seamlessly and efficiently.

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Founded in 1979, Auxadi is a family-owned business working for multinational corporations, private equity funds and real estate funds. It’s the leading firm in international accounting, tax compliance and payroll services management connecting Europe and the Americas with the rest of the world, offering services in 50 countries. Its client list includes many of the top 100 PERE companies. Headquartered in Madrid, with offices in US and further 22 international subsidiaries, Auxadi serves 1,500+ SPVs across 50 jurisdictions.

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