International accounting firm, Auxadi, announced a consolidated growth of 10% with record revenues of more than 30 million at the close of fiscal year September 30th 2021.

After the Central American acquisition in mid 2021, incorporating offices in six additional jurisdictions into the group, Auxadi today totals over 325 professionals in 22 international subsidiaries serving 50 countries.

“2021 was a year of great challenges to which our team knew how to adapt with great flexibility. We made our first acquisition as part of our M&A plan and achieved once again double-digit growth in an unstable economic environment. For 2022, we expect a great evolution as a firm, enhancing our organic growth with new M&A transactions in which we’ve been working for years.” 

Victor Salamanca CEO of Auxadi

A unique technological platform and international single-point-of-contact model continue to position us as an authority on international expansion, helping to make life easier for our clients.

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