Payroll is one of the most sensitive areas in any organization. When dealing with payroll management at an international level, the function has a greater level of complexity.

If your business has several international locations, you must adhere to each location’s tax codes, regulations, variations on employment law, benefits and bonuses, social security and other considerations—all of which can affect the payroll function in each location. It’s almost impossible for one central Human Resources (HR) or Finance team to know all these variables, let alone check that you comply with them all. And they can lead to some very confusing accounting! Different locations using different accounting systems can make consolidating data an absolute nightmare.

Then there’s reviews and authorizations. In your business, do these come from a central HR Head Office in your home country? Or does your regional Management/HR team have payroll sign off permission? And what happens after approval—how are the payments made?

So, what’s the solution? To have HR/Finance teams in every location you operate? Well, you can—or you can simply contact Auxadi.

Auxadi can make your life easier

Our unique MultiCountry platform provides a single point of access, approval permissions, data management, and reporting functions across multiple locations. Reviews, sign-off and approvals are automated and quick, data is consistent and easily consolidated, reports are unified and coherent—and best of all, the system is secure in the cloud and accessible anywhere.

At Auxadi, we base our proposal on three elements which, combined, facilitate the day-to-day management of CFOs, HR Directors, Controllers, CEOs and any other member of the C-Suite with direct responsibility in the area of payroll, accounting, reporting, or tax.

Auxadi makes your life easier by providing:

One single
point of contact

International coverage,
local expertise

Consistency on Execution

in the execution

  1. One single point of contact. The number of people involved in multi-country projects can be high. Depending on the size of the company, a CFO (or corresponding) may have to coordinate and collaborate with hundreds of people in their own organization, along with as many suppliers. A single point of contact provides smooth day-to-day management—especially during instability or crisis where immediacy of response is key. We have Client Relationship teams in the same time zone as our clients, coordinating international accounts from multiple countries. Specialized professionals, instructing, advising and guiding country-specific teams on your specific requirements, and providing best practice advice for your business.
  2. International coverage, local expertise. If nothing else, Covid-19 crisis has shown us that acting globally is more important than ever. Diversifying and reducing dependence on single markets—having a homogeneous international presence—makes it possible to reduce the effects of crises, which either take place in specific countries or hit some locations worse than others. At Auxadi, we have professionals from over 20 nations providing expertise in our local offices through Europe, Latin America, the US, and at our International Desks in Madrid and Chicago, all guaranteeing a knowledgeable response to your needs. Auxadi has local knowledge with a global outlook.
  3. Consistency in the execution. Operating internationally also highlights the need for consistency in processes, reporting, policies, etc. etc. Consistency is key. It is essential that, regardless of the languages spoken or the number of the countries you operate in, there should be coherency and consistency in operations—and, even more importantly, in reporting. Here, technology can make an enormous difference. All our offices operate the same way, with the same base processes (adding country specific processes as required), and producing the same reporting. All of which guarantees coherent, consistent and useful data for you and your business.

We guarantee the same processes of the same quality in all the countries where we operate. You can be sure the service you receive will fit your needs and adhere to country-specific regulations.

This combination of People, Processes and Technology lets Auxadi go further.

Our specialists are committed to security and confidentiality. We are experts in payroll management and our teams will work closely with your Human Resources Department to provide a personalized solution for your specific needs. Our cloud-based technology provides your designated users with secure access for reviews, authorizations and reporting, all secured and supported by our Gold Partnership with Microsoft.

Get in touch today to see how Auxadi’s payroll solution can make your life easier.

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Nicholas Augusto
Int’l Payroll Onboarding Manager