From 2019 (Tax period 2018) the Statistics Based Tax Assesment (Studi di settore) have been replaced by the ISA “Indici Sintentici di affidabilita Fiscale”- synthetics indices of tax reliability. The ISAs are elaborated with a methodology based on data and information analysis related to several tax periods, and represents the synthesis of elementary indicators aimed at verifying the normality and the consistency of the business management.

The ISA express on a scale level  of 1 to 10 the degree of fiscal reliability recognized to each taxpayer, also in order to allow to access to a special reward regime.

With a low result, the chance to get a potential tax inspection will increase.

With a high result, some exemption and reduction will be applied, for example:

  • The exemption to certify the annual declaration for the compensation of credits for an amount not exceeding € 50,000 per year in relation to VAT and for an amount not exceeding € 20,000 per year in relation to direct taxes and IRAP.
  • The exemption to certify the annual declaration or the provision of the guarantee for the refund of the VAT for an amount not exceeding € 50,000 per year.
  • The reduction of at least one year, with graduation according to the level of reliability, of the terms of tax inspection.
  • A special reward regime, based on the data declared within the terms normally provided.

In order to provide all the necessary data and information required by the ISAs, in addition to the data entered already requested in the past years by the “studio di settore”, it is necessary for each tax payer to download from the website of the Revenue Agency some “additional data” to be reported in the appropriate form and necessary for the processing of the index calculation.

We also inform you that the Revenue Agency has made available only a “beta” version of the ISA index compilation software and, therefore, has been recently approves a decree postponing the payment terms from July 22nd to September 30th  2019