Auxadi recently gathered its international team at the company´s Madrid Hub for the second quarterly summit of the year. Over four days, from April 23 to 26, the management teams from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, USA, and Chile shared the performance results of the last three months and analyzed new developments to continue on the company´s current growth path.

As part of this meeting, Country Managers, Senior Managers, Directors, and the Corporate team delved into the processes of the “Sales Cycle,” with hands-on workshops and sessions taught by Professor Julian Villanueva. They also brainstormed how to build on already strong capabilities, developing concrete ways to further improve international service delivery from our hubs in Madrid, Chicago and Miami in a session with Professor Philip Moscoso.

The weeklong packed schedule included a status report on the company´s progress in automating processes, a review of budget performance, an evaluation of each member´s  ‘balanced score card,’ and vision casting for the future of business development.

While it was definitely an intense week, it abided by a key element of Auxadi´s philosophy: “We promote trust relationships with committed and result-oriented employees.” Gathering the multinational teams each quarter to train, share, and work together empowers strong personal relationships that, according to Auxadi´s history, leads to business growth and satisfaction of both customers and employees.

The team is already looking forward to the next quarterly summit.