On March 26, 2019, the social impact crowdsourcing platform, Migranodearena.org (¨My grain of sand¨), held the 8th edition of their Social Impact Awards in Barcelona, Spain, recognizing the best social crowdfunding campaigns of 2018.  Auxadi received the designation of “Most Committed Company,” which includes a €1,000 award for our charity partner, Aleph-Tea, to further support their work with children with autism and their families.  Other award recipients included José Luis López Cabezuelo, in the category of “Most Supportive Individual,” and the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association (Asociación Cáncer de Mama Metastásico), in the category of “Most Active NGO.”

We are a company committed to the environment: “With our granite we bet to build a better world in which all the communities have room- Talent Management says. This Challenge is part of our philosophy and in fact, we are proud that our entire team has become involved”

How did we get it? The idea of joining this challenge was born after the success achieved with the Football Solidarity Tournament, through which we raise funds inviting different Professional Firms to participate. Each participating team contributed with 300 euros that were donated entirely to the association ALEPH-TEA and from Auxadi, as organizers, we provided double of the amount collected. We managed to raise 22.502 euros for this non-profit association that each day helps people with autism spectrum disorders and their families.