As informed last year, on August 30th 2017, the Spanish Tax Authorities released a new tax filing obligation, Tax Form 232, that must be used to report both transactions with (i) related parties and (ii) with tax haven territories or alike countries, aside from Transfer Pricing Documentation requirements.

Furthermore Auxadi will carry out a Webinar, next Wednesday, November 14th, at 16.00 CET (in Spanish) and at 16.30 CET (in English), to explain in more detail this obligation. Only for Customers.

Webinar Tax Form 232

We will assess the practical application of this tax obligation to be submitted by legal entities incorporated in Spain and/or Non-Resident entities with a permanent establishment (PE) in Spain.

The tax filing is also mandatory for taxpayers who apply the scheme for “Patent box” and for those who carry out operations with countries or territories considered as tax havens or who have investments in those jurisdictions.

The deadline for tax filing and submission will be November 30, 2018.