Until the edition of the Law 13,670, the Brazilian government granted a more advantageous way for companies to pay taxes on the payroll, that is, instead of the 20% that the company should pay on the total amount of the payroll, it could opt for pay a percentage on your billing. That is, companies could pay up to 4.5% of their total billing, which in many cases was more advantageous and therefore there was a lower burden of these taxes.

What happened after the publication of Law 13,670 was that the government modified the previous law and companies from September / 2018 are expected to pay taxes on the payroll in the old way, that is, 20% on the total value of the payroll. payments, which for many cases there was an increase in the tax burden.

56 sectors that used the simplified form to pay these taxes were affected by the change brought by law 13,670.

Sectors such as footwear, information technology, communication, call center services, textile industry, civil construction, transport, can still count on the benefit of simplified payment, ie payment of payroll tax through a percentage of your billing.

Now sectors of transport by airplane, lodging sectors (Hotels), retail trade and other sectors of Industry.

This measure of the Brazilian government seeks to further increase some sectors of the economy to raise taxes.