A total of 2.133.202 taxpayers have already submitted their income tax return within the first period to declare and obtain the advance payment, 20% more than the previous year on the same date, reported the chilean tax office.

The agency explained that, of the declarations received, 88.873 were made using the e-Renta app, which registers an increase of 59% in its use with respect to 2017, and this year includes a new function that allows online payment, if appropriate.
Meanwhile, the projections for this process indicate that it is expected to receive 3.6 million declarations throughout the country. But attention, who has not yet carried out this process must know that it has more time, because the Chilean tax office also indicated that to further expand the number of taxpayers benefited with the early return of their surpluses in the first issue of May 11, it extended in 48 hours the term to present the declaration and to receive the corresponding deposit.

 That is, those who submit their return until next Sunday, April 22 and request a refund, will receive their deposit on May 11 in your bank account. In as much, those who declare between the 23 and the 26 of April, will receive their return the 18 of May, according to the original calendar.