After the Commission of Finance finished the dispatch of this much-desired initiative and about which there is enough “unanimity”, according to Senator Carlos Montes, president of the Court; the Senate speaks out for the project of creating an insurance that allows parents to be able to accompany the children who suffer serious illnesses.

The project, also called Sanna Law, was promoted by “Oncomamás”, a group of women with children with cancer, and establishes that both the father and the mother have up to three months of paid work leave (each one) so they can be with their children in a crucial moment.

This insurance would operate in four circumstances: serious illnesses such as cancer, in an organ transplant, when the child is in eviction or terminal state and in case of a serious accident with risk of death or severe and permanent functional sequelae. While in the first three cases parents can use this benefit while the child is between 1 and 18 years, in the fourth case, the insurance would operate until the age of 15.