The General Treasurer of the Republic, Hernán Frigolett, reported that the debt for VAT, income tax and contributions exceeds 1.14 trillion pesos in 2017, equivalent to US $ 1,845 million.

Speaking to La Tercera, Frigolett said that the General Treasury of the Republic has recovered this year about $ 2.8 billion from 59 processes of auctioning of goods. In addition, it has seized 173,836 real estate in August, and 5,122 vehicles, while the seizure of financial assets amounted to 13,000 to date.

Frigolett said that “what is behind the spirit of the collection of the General Treasury of the Republic is to install the idea on the citizen that the tax obligation must be fulfilled.” “In this sense we generate public good and resources that finance the functioning of the State and the programs that benefit the citizens,” he added.