The AFIP will recalculate the amount of the 5 income tax advances in fiscal year 2017 for human persons and undivided successions, based on the net taxable profit declared by the taxpayer for fiscal year 2016 and the new amounts of the personal deductions and the sections of the tax scales applicable for fiscal year 2017 -L. 27346

The Tax Accounts system will also automatically reimpose the balances in favor of the advances of the 2017 fiscal period paid in excess of those advances not yet entered.

We note that the AFIP will proceed to perform the recalculation only when:

– the affidavit of income tax for fiscal year 2016 has not been generated and presented with version 17, or earlier, of the application program “Profits of Individuals – Personal Assets”

– the taxpayers have not reduced the advances until 1/9/2017.

We emphasize that those taxpayers who consider that the amount to be paid as advance payments for fiscal year 2017 will exceed the definitive amount of the obligation, even calculating the new values ​​of the deductions provided by Law 27346, may request the reduction.

Until the taxpayer chooses this option, AFIP will consider the amounts of the advances determined in the Tax Accounts system valid.

Finally, we note that these provisions are applicable from 2/9/2017.