On July 1, 2017, the new version 3.3 of the CFDI entered into force, however, taxpayers may continue to use the previous version until November 30. Some of the main changes that this new version entails are:

  • Specification of five new types of receipts: Income; Egress; Transfer; Payroll and Payment
    • Creation of 17 catalogues to fulfill the different fields of the CFDI (ie currency, country, tax regime, form of payment …)
    • Creation of 22 new fields and elimination of 40
    • No negative amounts or zero-value concepts are allowed
    • The use of the CFDI is included from the receiver’s point of view
    • Use of time zones based on the postal code of the issuer
    • The invoiced products or services must be assigned a code and unit of measurement, according to the catalogue

The new version also has an impact on the area of accounts payable, since it will have to ensure the receipt of CFDI from suppliers under the new version, as well as the payment receipt complements, for payments made to suppliers.