From March 2017, Auxadi will be using the The Creta System or Direct Liquidation System. It is a reform of the system of contribution and collection promoted by the General Treasury of the Spanish Social Security (TGSS) that modifies all the formalities and current procedures through the intensive use of telematic means. This new input will involve a change from a system in which the companies were auto liquidating the contributions to a system in which the TGSS will invoice the companies for correspondent contribution.

The two main goals of Siltr@ are to simplify current procedures and prevent fraud (such a undue reduction on contributions, undue Temporary Disability Compensation, lack of contribution of registered employees, lower contributions in case of working accidents -CNAE and Occupational keys-, lower contribution on part time and control over concepts exempt of contributions)

The biggest advantage of using the Direct Liquidation System is that the Social Security Treasury will be the one performing the contribution calculations. For the submission to be successful, all workers need to be leveled correctly. Once the submission is successful no later charges should arise. On the other hand, should be noted that the Social Security will be the one applying the legal updates with impact on contributions.

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