This Sunday, February 19, elections will be held in Ecuador.

According to the current legislation on this date will be elected: President and Vice President of the Republic, members of the National Assembly and representatives for the Andean Parliament. These leaders will be in office for four years.

Eight binomials have been registered for the position of President and Vice President who, once qualified, will participate in this first round of elections. If in the first ballot no binomial has obtained the first place with at least 40% of the valid votes and a difference greater than 10%, a second round of voting will be held, scheduled for Sunday, April 2, in which the two most voted binomials in the first round will participate.

On this occasion, there will also be a popular consultation on tax havens, the question to be answered on February 19 is: Do you agree that, to be eligible for a public office or to be in a public service position, should be forbidden to have assets or capital of any nature in tax havens?