The Chilean Government has announced the new maximum monthly contribution quotes to calculate the pension (AFP system), the health and labor accident law, which will growth to 75.7 Unidades de Fomento (UF) in 2017. Last year the value assigned was UF 74.3.

The new maximum monthly contribution quotes to use in the present year to calculate the severance insurance will growth to UF 113.5. This figure was 111.4 in 2016.
The present law establishes that both figures should readjust every year if the Real Remuneration Index inform to the National Statistics Institute about positives variations. During the period between November 2015 and November 2016 this index grew up a 1.9%.

The new maximum contribution applies for the payment of social security contributions corresponding to the salaries of January 2017. These contributions should be paid until February 10 of this year, but this term can be extended until the 13th of the same month if the operation is done through webpage.