The new tax reform from 1st January 2017 has established the replacement of FUT system, adding two new tax regimes: the attributed income system and the semi integrated system.

The taxpayers will have the opportunity to choose between them until 31st December 2016, otherwise they will be included on the regime established by the law.

The chosen option has to be accompanied by an affidavit made through internet until 31st December 2016.

The freelance, the individual limited companies, the personal companies, the permanent foreign companies, and the shareholdings (SPA), in case of be formed exclusively by natural people resident in Chile, and/or taxpayers without domicile or residence in Chile can chose between the two options.

The corporation (open or closed), limited partnership by shares, and in general any company with one or more legal people resident in Chile, will be obliged to tax in the semi-integrated regime.

Do not forget that taxpayers of both regimes have to stay at least 5 years consecutives in the regime chosen unless by provision of the Law they must leave in advance any of them.