Royal Decree 625/2014, as well as ESS / 1187/2015 Order developments, with effect from December 1st, present news both for welfare and in terms of payment of the temporary disability benefits. These laws regulate certain aspects of the management and control processes for temporary disability in the first 365 days of its term. The main changes are:

Registration, cancellation and confirmation documents
►► Documents for any contingency (professional or common) are unified.
►► A realignment of the fields occurs.
►► Specific fields appear if professional contingency, differentiating whether AT or EP.
►► Includes the estimated duration of the process and the date of the next review.
►► Incorporate and amend the reasons for registration.
►► Permits the issue of cancellation and registration at the same time on one document, in those processes whose cancellation duration is less than 5 days.
Effects of direct payment confirmation
►► Coexistence of old and new confirmation documents because of the inability to adapt all regions to December 1st, 2015. (Until now, only issue new documents: Catalonia, Navarra, Galicia, Valencia and Murcia)

IT payment criteria: Due to the new delivery deadlines of the confirmation documents and, in order to avoid delays in the payment, from now the payment system changes.
1. Old confirmation documents: will be paid as usual
Depends on how many documents are submitted.
Payment limit: date of last document submitted.
Backward payment (to date from earlier documents).
Frequency: weekly.
2. New confirmation documents: will be paid based on the confirmation documents presented but they will be paid onward:
Until closure of payment: the 25th of each month, or
Until next medical checkup date, if it was before the 25th.
New frequency.
3. In those regions adapted to the new document models, the public health services will benefit from these new cancellation document models for those cancellations before and after December 1st, 2015.
These confirmation parts have a different frequency:
Cancellations prior to December 1st, 2015: keep the old frequency (7 days).
Cancellations after December 1st, 2015: according to the duration of the IT (14 to 28 – 35 days).