The Secretaria del Trabajo y Previsión Social disseminated in the Official Gazette (DOF) during the period of December 2015 documents for various transcendental changes for workers and employers. These rules are:

Agreement that establish the rules of operation of the Employment Support Programme (PAE)

Its aim is to provide care to individuals who are 16 years or older and actively seek a job or any productive activity because of unemployment or the possibility they access a second job or improve the one they have.

Agreement for establishing formats for various training procedures

The new formats are:
DC-4 lists that certificates competence or job skills
DC-5 application for registration of external capacitor agent, the procedure of approval and registration of external training agents.

These documents may be freely reproduced in any medium, provided that they are not altered and printing is done in white sheets letter sized.

Notice by which the Mexican Official Standard NOM-021-STPS-1993, on the requirements and characteristics of reporting occupational hazards occurring, is canceled

Under this determination, since January 1st, warnings of the risks of work that employers have to present, are the ones disclosed in the agreement of December 14, 2015, by virtue of which the Message System of Occupational Accidents (SIAAT) was created.

Program operating Rules for Industrial Productivity and Competitiveness (PPCI)

Its aim is to help a greater number of organizations get integrated into value chains and improve their performance in order to achieve a sectoral, regional and enterprise economic growth.

It states that grants that range from 500 thousand pesos to 20 million pesos will be given to specialized training centers in the production processes of the industrial sector, to equip design centers or training. These benefits are not applicable to all business organizations.