Those employers who do not make the deposit to their workers could be fined up to 192,000 soles as an infringement on labour matters, the National Superintendency of Labour Inspection (Sunafil) has warned companies.

Last Tuesday, December 15th was the deadline for employers to make payment of bonuses corresponding to Christmas for workers hired under the labour regulations governing private activity at the national level as well as public employees under the private system.

The regulator said the fine will depend on the type of business and the number of workers affected.

►► For small companies, the fine would go from 1 UIT, 3.850 soles up to 10 UIT or 38.500 soles.
►► For a smaller businesses, fines range from 0.25% of the UIT or 962.50 soles up to 1 UIT, 3.850 soles.
►► If a company is not small company the fine goes up to 192 500 soles.