From January 1st, 2016, companies must provide their employees with a basic medical insurance to complement the social security insurance. This is envisaged in the Law of June 14th, 2013, which has been made compulsory health insurance for private sector employees, also establishing a negotiating period.

Failing agreement, the company must negotiate with employee representatives of the company. If these negotiations were not successful or if the company has fewer than 50 employees, the company must set unilaterally by mandatory collective health coverage before January 1st, 2016. From January 1st, 2016, the company will sign a contract with an insurance company of their choice.

The contract must comply with the following conditions:

• The employer must finance at least 50% of the contribution (the rest by the employee)
• The contract must meet a series of minimum guarantees (minimum attendance)
• Coverage is offered to all employees and their dependents, or any class or classes of them (defined based on objective, general and impersonal criteria)
• The contract is mandatory for employees, except for certain cases.
The minimum aid should cover the following:
• Full co-payments consultations, procedures and services reimbursable by health insurance subject to certain conditions.
• All hospital daily rates in case of hospitalization.
• Dental insurance up to 125% of the standard rate.