Last October, during the 10th National Meeting of Tax Administrators, representatives of the Brazilian Tax Office, Secretaries of Finance of the different states and the Federal District, the Brazilian Association of Secretaries of Finance of Municipalities and the National Confederation of Brazilian municipalities discussed and signed 12 cooperation protocols and a resolution concerning improvements in the area of tax cooperation.

The signed protocols look for, among others, the following objectives:
1. Implementation of an integration of tax processes concerning foreign trade.
2. Creation of a permanent agenda for discussion and exchange of information on technical and business intelligence tools.
3. Exchange of information that seek the interests of tax administrations.
4. Monitoring legislative reform processes on taxes and the administrative structure tax.
5. Simplification and reduction of Tax Accessory Obligations, especially considering the information available in the Public Digital Bookkeeping System (SPED).
6. Release to the states and municipalities administrations the ContÁgil Lite software, by Federal Tax Agency.
7. Develop a unified solution for electronic invoice on services (NF-e).
8. Definition of joint action strategies for the selection and monitoring of taxpayers.

Furthermore, the resolution deals about the organization of the National Meeting of Tax Administrators (ENAT) and creates a commission of representatives for the event’s management.

Some protocols have immediate application, such as that available to state and local authorities ContÁgil Lite software.

Source: Brazilian Tax Agency / Receita Federal