Last September 1st 2015 the Law No. 120/2015 was published. This law supposes the 9th amendment to the Labor Code, approved by Law No 7/2009 of February 12th.

This law reinforces motherhood and paternity rights. Among this law’s principal changes, it appears the possibility for both parents to share the initial maternity and paternity leave, which may last between 120 and 150 days and the extension of the paternity leave period from 10 to 15 business days (this last only would be effective starting January 1st 2016).

Besides, a worker with family responsibilities, as understood as a worker with a son who is under 12 years old or with disabilities or chronic illness, can choose the system of flexible hours or part time schedule, and cannot therefore be hampered in terms of assessment and career progression.

On the other hand, the worker with children under 3, if he or she doesn’t express writing agreement, will be excluded from the application of the system of adaptability or Bank of hours.

One of the novelties of this new regime of parenting is that a worker with a child up to 3 years is entitled to exercise their activity in telework regime, providing this is compatible with its activities and the employer has the resources and means to this end.

Regarding obligations of the company, the employer shall post on the facilities all the information about the legislation concerning the right of parenting or include the information in the company’s rules of procedure.