Colombia and Spain narrowed their financial and trade links in a business meeting that was held last September 21st in Bogotá. 200 companies from both countries attended this meeting, including Auxadi.

The Business Meeting was inaugurated by the Secretary of State for Trade of Spain, Jaime García-Legaz, and the Colombian Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Cecilia Alvarez-Correa, who highlighted the momentum of both economies despite the turbulences. In Colombia 400 Spanish companies are already established, in sectors as diverse as telecommunications, infrastructure, banking, insurance, energy and tourism, among others.

The minister Alvarez-Correa stated that one of the strengths of the Colombian economy is the growth of the middle class, as 4.9 million Colombians have moved out of poverty in the last five years. “The middle class is equivalent to 30.5% of the population, which makes the investment much more attractive and opportunities higher”.

According to Mr. José Luis Bonet, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, “Colombia is one of the most attractive countries for Spanish investment due to its commercial openness, its network of trade agreements, its diversified economy and an enviable management of economic policy, which has enabled to overcome the difficulties from an unfavorable international economic environment”.